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Your dealership already has 20 “juggle-balls” in the air, programs and services your people are attempting to sell the folks who walk through your doors, both current and hopeful clients.

The last place we want to be positioned is the 21st “thing.” That doesn’t help anybody and really, there’s no time.

RobinHoodPlans.com is a new business strategy best described by great consultants like Jay Abraham with words like “Geometry.” Basically, this is the leveraging of professional relationships and complimentary businesses where you are helping each other, creating new business activity from sources outside your personal efforts.

How does RobinHoodPlans.com bring “geometry” to your business?

What if I told you there was a way to have your local insurance agent(s) sell a product which gave them a distinct market advantage in their auto insurance sales…. And that product was a pre-payment for the services only you provide, your dealership's profit centers.


To make this even better, for every dollar in fees you receive, (Oh that’s right, this creates a new revenue stream paid for by dollars formerly allocated to insurance premiums.) ….. for every dollar you receive you can expect an additional dollar of profit. How? Well that answer is a phone call away, but suffice it to say that when you take into consideration your margins and the new relationships this program will send your way…. You may become as excited as Robin Hood himself after vanquishing the terrible sheriff.

The Problem: Auto insurance premiums are dollars that are forever LEAVING your dealership. RobinHoodPlans.com harvests some of those dollars for our partners & brings them back in-house in the form of fees and increased traffic to your profit centers. The BEST part of our service is that this will NOT conflict with any existing product or service you currently offer. It enhances them.


We are convinced that RobinHoodPlans will work great with your existing income streams. In keeping with the theme, Robin Hood will take some of the dollars currently leaving your business in the form of insurance premiums and bring them back in house for you and our customers. We also help you create and build relationships with those shoppers who would have walked out the door, wasting your sales force's valuable time and resources.   


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Our mobile app will allow you to communicate directly with members via personal messages and banner ads which you can access as often as you wish with no cost. Think of it, you get your message out and your members will actually see that message.

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Where to find us?

We can be found at Quality Car and Truck Dealerships everywhere.

If your local dealership does not offer Robin Hood Plans, be sure to share this link with them.