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Who knew that I..... Robin Hood, would enjoy marketing as much as I do. As I create pieces to help you with your marketing I will share them here. This poster should be on the wall of you sales staff, preferrably where their customers can see it while sitting and waiting. The big idea of course is that everybody knows to ask for referrals yet very few actually do it. This poster makes the argument for your staff subtley yet with the right amount of force.

Download the image and print as many as you wish.

Referral Poster

Have you ever heard someone say about something they could really benefit from  "I just haven't got around to it yet."

Well, in the spirit of being helpful, I have had a bunch made. I love giving these out because hey, this is Robin Hood remember & I live to help people. 

This is the proof for my Round-TUIT coins. 

Round TUIT

If you want some of your own to hand out or even with your own brand on one side or even both, call Marc at http://www.tuits-r-us.com/ he is most helpful and does great work. 870.856.2892

Here's the final result. Pretty awesome! Thanks Marc.




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