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How is this a market advantage?

  • Think about it. If you are able to deliver an effective $200 Out Of Pocket (OOP) Risk while writing your clients a $1,000 deductible on comp & collision coverage vs. the typical $250 or $500 level deductibles the premium advantage you gain could possibly make you untouchable to other agents. Add to that all the discounts, special insider deals and the ability to accumulate tokens which can be used to purchase future vehicles…. This is a big win for everyone concerned.
  • Lower loss ratio.
  • Increase end of year bonuses.
  • FREE lead generation from big, busy new car dealership.
  • Create budget for new life sales.


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Where to find us?

We can be found at Quality Car and Truck Dealerships everywhere.

If your local dealership does not offer Robin Hood Plans, be sure to share this link with them.