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How does RobinHoodPlans.com bring “geometry” to your business?

  • What if I told you there was a way to have your local insurance agent(s) sell a product which gave them a distinct market advantage in their auto insurance sales, lower their loss ratios which increases their bonuses at the end of the year, AND that product…. Was ultimately a pre-payment for the services you provide, your dealerships profit centers? That is what we do. Our plan creates the situation where our members pay for great discounts and deals as well as 80% discount on body shop repairs. In exchange, they are agreeing to limit their shopping for body shops other than yours. Win-Win!

  • You get local insurance agents selling a plan which only your profit centers can fulfil.

  • Creates a new, non-competing revenue stream. (created offsite)

  • Ability to communicate with customers directly via push notifications.

  • Increase

    • Profit center business

    • Customer loyalty

    • Relationships outside current efforts

    • Buzz

What if a bunch of RHP Members have claims all at the same time?

  • This is a great question which comes up a lot. Think this through. We are talking about a profit center which carries close to a 40% margin. As long as your pricing is competitive, the insurance company will have no reason not to let you do the work…. At full price.

My answer to the biggest question:

“Love the concept… Why can’t I <The Dealership> just do this myself?”

Though this seems like a common-sense statement, it is not considering a couple important things:

  • The investment in time and money to create this program has been substantial.

  • The RobinHoodPlans.com concept does not need to compete with or draw resources away from any existing program currently offered by our dealership partners.

  • Most importantly, we will market RobinHoodPlans.com aggressively and since our goal is to have ONE distribution source in each major metropolitan area. We are effectively marketing for you without mentioning you by name.

Think of it: We will be target marketing to and bringing in consumers for you who are not necessarily even currently shopping to buy a car.

  • This will put you in the position of creating a relationship to secure their next purchase.

  • as well as servicing a new customer with your dealership’s largest profit centers….

  • AND, you will be receiving cashflow in this process whether they use your services or not.

The problem: Auto insurance is mandatory in most states yet premiums seem out of control. What if there were a way to reign in increases yet have equal or better coverage than your current levels?

The solution: Robin Hood Plans

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Where to find us?

We can be found at Quality Car and Truck Dealerships everywhere.

If your local dealership does not offer Robin Hood Plans, be sure to share this link with them.