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How do I register for a Robin Hood Plan?

  • Ask your local dealer if they are one of our dealer-partners and who handles our plans for them. RobinHoodPlans.Com plans requires a licensed agent in most states and your dealer will have a list of their trusted agent channels of distribution.

Where can I get my car repaired and benefit from my own Robin Hood Plan?

  • By taking your RobinHoodPlans.com covered auto to the dealer-partner of origin.

Why am I limited to the one dealership and their network?

  • A large portion of our fee goes to your dealer of origin to offset their lost income. However, if you are outside a 50-mile radius from your dealer of origin, we will cover these costs at the nearest dealer-partner of origin.

How does the “Credit towards my next purchase” work?

  • Each of our dealer-partners set accumulation rates for silver and gold token levels on various services they wish to promote within their dealership. These tokens accumulate for our members whom have installed our mobile app and associated it with their covered vehicle(s). When our member is looking to purchase their next vehicle they check with their dealer-partner of origin as to which vehicles have specials and how much their tokens are worth? Our dealer-partners will have various specials available only to our members and these tokens can be very valuable.

What if I have more than one car?

  • Great! You are going to be the winner on more than one vehicle. That makes me very happy. This is a win-win-win service, I am sure you will be very happy with your decision.

Is this a membership per vehicle or per person?

  • Our plans match up with your vehicle’s insurance policy. As such each plan gains for you great reductions on your vehicle’s deductible and we don’t need to know how many drivers each vehicle has. So... the answer is: per vehicle.

How do I get the discounts on other dealership services?

  • Check the mobile app for specific special offers and be sure to show our app at check out.

What are the “Special Offers” referred to in the videos?

  • This can be a really great thing for our members. For example, your dealer of origin hires a new technician in their detail shop and gives our members an extra 20%, 30%, or even 80% off getting your car detailed for the “next 6 weeks.”

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Where to find us?

We can be found at Quality Car and Truck Dealerships everywhere.

If your local dealership does not offer Robin Hood Plans, be sure to share this link with them.