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Nobody likes paying too much for their auto insurance. What if there were a way to pay less while keeping agent and company unchanged yet end up with lower risk?

That is what RobinHoodPlans.com does for our members.

Much like the legend of old who took from the rich and gave back to the masses, RobinHoodPlans.com takes back some of your premium dollars and allows you to not only keep them by raising your deductibles (Comprehensive & Collision) but our Dealer Partners pick up 80% of those very same deductibles for you! That's right.... pay for $1,000 a deductible yet only be required to come up with $200 should you ever need to have your car repaired.

Pretty great! As long as you go to the dealer who set you up with your Robin Hood Plan, you will only need to come up with 20 cents on each dollar of much lower cost higher deductibles. 

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This infographic is available as a secondary aide which can be printed and available as an on site brochure.

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Where to find us?

We can be found at Quality Car and Truck Dealerships everywhere.

If your local dealership does not offer Robin Hood Plans, be sure to share this link with them.